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Testimonials of the Clint Arthur Experience

This website contains Real Reviews of Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur and the transformation he provides for Experts & Entrepreneurs of all kinds — all from his own students, who’ve gone through the experience themselves and can give you a REALISTIC PICTURE of what it’s like.

Also, Clint Arthur will show you his reviews of 5-star luxury hotels & venues and dining experience, talks about which ones are nice and not so nice, and shows you how YOU can live the high-quality Celebrity Lifestyle for yourself.

Clint Arthur Reviews from Real Clients, Written & Video

SUZANNE SOMERS reviews her Clint Arthur experience

“My second event with Clint Arthur was even better than the first! Clint’s group is GREAT, it’s an engaged group, it’s an interested group, and there was a lot of energy and I can feel what audiences want and I could just feel what they wanted from me. So it made it very easy for me. I always enjoy this.”

My recommendations to other Celebrities about being at Clint Arthur’s events…

“Clint Arthur takes good care of you, he feeds you well, you stay in a nice hotel, you get Natalie who takes care of you! It’s a good experience and Clint’s nice and smart.”

Suzanne Somers’ Husband, Alan Hamel

AH: “It’s a pleasure. It’s my second time.”

CA: “Would you come back for a third time?”

AH: “Let’s have an official invitation! Of course, the Clint Arthur Harvard event is great! It’s fun and you learn stuff!”

LORD NIGEL FARAGE reviews his Clint Arthur experience

“We’re here at the London Stock Exchange, and I’ve just spoken at Clint’s event. Great event, great people, good fun!”

Invest in mentors, and none are better than us. Debra Bingham replies:

Clint Arthur Luxury Travel Reviews

"In my business, I get to stay at beautiful suites in a lot of really nice hotels, dine at the finest restaurants, and enjoy a High-Quality lifestyle in all areas. As a discerning buyer and a discerning traveler, I know that the promise of a 5-star experience doesn’t always deliver what it says it would. I know which brands offer the nicest hotel experiences & perks (especially Starwood), and which ones aren’t so nice.

On this page, you’ll find my reviews and advice on which of the 5-star hotels are the best, whatever your destination. Also, you get to discover how YOU can more easily live this high-quality travel experience. Plus, with 2 decades experience in the gourmet food industry, I’m qualified to show you WHAT fine dining experiences live up to the hype, vs. the ones that don’t."


Peter Luger Steak House, New York City

“Peter Luger Wears No Clothes!” The New York Times speaks the truth: the mighty Peter Luger has fallen.

Omni Dallas Hotel Reviews (Suite 1702)

Westin Georgetown D.C. reviews (Suite 408)

Tosca Prague review

Clint Arthur at the Opera...